CyberSave is a screensaver that has been made with the photos from the serie :”les leçons de séductions”. Several version have been developed.

The principle of this screensaver lays in a web tracking of CyberSave’s users. By consulting the map on this website you can follow its evolution all over the world. You can see how many people has installed it, which version they are using, if they made an “illegal” copy, if they are using the beta version or if they have downloaded the free version available on this website, and where they are located.

CyberSave versions are not protected so that you can freely copy them, download them, send them, burn them... No need to “hack” them as it is often done with music and lots of more or less expensive softwares or utilities. The only thing is that your IP address is tracked and reported on the map on this website depending on the version your are using and your location.

Therefore this map enables us to follow the evolution of CyberSave and illustrates through an ironical and funny way this attitude of copying and using illegal material. Besides the nudity in those photos contribute to increase the number of copies.

Here are the different versions of CyberSave:

First of all a PC beta version including the 11 photos has been edited to 22 copies and sent all over the world on 3rd November 2004.

Then came the version 1.1 that was launched on 26th November 2004 for the opening of "Plug & Play", France Cadet’s solo exhibition. Cybersave 1.1 was a PC version and was including 10 photos. The missing photo, the lesson number 29, could be “won” and installed as an extra photo by doing the little puzzle game on this website.

And very recently two Mac & PC Free Versions to download were available on this website.

The version 2.1 is a partial version including 5 photos. You can download it directly.

The version 2.2 is a full version including 11 photos. To download it you must first do a multiple-choice questionnaire and give enough good answers to obtain a note that will be superior to 16/20.