CyberSave Beta Version

Here is the beta version of CyberSave.

It is a full version with 11 photos and a limited edition of 22 copies.

CyberSave beta version will be launched on 3rd November 2004.

22 people have been selected to receive and test this version, 4 in France and 18 all around the world according to the following geographic allocation:

France : 4
USA : 2
Canada : 1
South America : 1
Portugal : 1
Spain : 1
England :2
Netherlands :1
Germany : 2
Austria : 3
Switzerland : 1
Denmark :1
Sweden : 1
Japan : 1

CyberSave 1.1 will be on sale from 26th November 2004 for the opening of "Plug & Play", France Cadet solo exhibition.

People who have the chance to receive a beta version are invited to install and test it before the opening and to give their comments by email

This version will be working without restriction before and after the exhibition.

You can follow the evolution of CyberSave all over the world and see the users geographic allocation by clicking on the button "map" in the menu.